"Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry”. 

The journey of SareeBari started with a thought that dwelled in our hearts and minds as we were growing up in Tatanagar where India’s first steel plant was built. Born into a traditional Bengali family, Saree has been a quintessential part of our lives. Be it our mother, grandmother, or for that matter any other ladies, Sarees always occupied a special place, often treated as heritage which got passed from one generation to another. India is the only country that still creates sarees coming from the genius of its master weavers. As we speak, most of the world has lost the hand-weaving and loom process, along with all-natural and organic processes of creating sarees. One of the wonders of India is that we still have very unique fashion, designed and hand-weaved by our craftsmen due to the availability of organic textiles. We felt a strong desire to revive the craft of this ancient process of saree weaving, which eventually led to the birth of SareeBari. Weaving is a work of mindfulness, of taking time to give attention to the details that will contribute to the woven piece's unity.  SareeBari is a socio-commercial start-up that aims to generate employment for weaver-families whose livelihoods are endangered. It directly ties with our vision to bring India’s best hand-weaved sarees individually crafted for women around the world. Our weavers blend both the traditional spin yarn along hand-weaving techniques and form a unique, potentially rich, eco-friendly masterpiece. We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving, and we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing  Sonia Mondal | Co-Founder | SareeBari A Saree revivalist and fashion enthusiast, who strongly believes in empowering the most vulnerable endangered artisans & weavers of India by showcasing and marketing their art-cum-creations around the world. Sonia has earlier founded India’s first international lingerie eStore – Styleeish.com. In her current role, she overlooks SareeBari for day-to-day operations, branding, marketing, and sales.  With overall 13+ years of experience in the corporate sector, she was instrumental in launching the BluMobile brand in India. She has extensively worked in International purchase, EXIM management and had traveled around the world.  She is a full-time MBA from ISB&M, Kolkata, and kickstarted her career in a PR firm in Mumbai. Sonia is currently based out of New Delhi.   Mohua Das | Co-Founder | SareeBari A saree-nerd and Chief Creator of Design at SareeBari, Mohua has been a saree lover for a few decades now. She adds much-needed incredible fashion quotient to our designs, ensures the quality final product embellishes with grace and beauty. Mohua is a perfectionist, multi-tasker, wife, mom, who started her professional career in teaching. She developed a knack for sarees right after her marriage and left no stones unturned to master the art of designing her saree with help of local weavers. Mohua is Commerce Graduate from Women’s College, Tatanagar, and has worked in several convent schools. Mohua is currently based out of Kolkata.